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The following letter was written on November 11, 2007. I was home with a new born and regretting not being able to attend a Remembrance ceremony, as was my custom. Feeling helpless for a way to show my appreciation, I began to write this letter. Every word is still meant today.


Trying to get these words into the hands of those it was meant for has been easier said than done. Thank you in advance for passing this on. May they always know our appreciation for them.  ~Anna




To our Canadian soldiers and veterans,


What can I say to you? What words would adequately express my heart?


I am sitting on my couch typing. My two oldest children are at school, my toddler naps safely in his bed, and our newborn sleeps beside me.


My six and nine year old attend a wonderful school; not fearing what will happen during the day. They are free to explore literature, experiment with science, open their hearts to music, and learn how to express themselves. There is no threat of attack. There is plenty of lunch in their bag, and they had the luxury of making choices when laying out their clothes.


My youngest children are napping in a good home. Our hardships revolve around trying to keep laundry clean and tidying toys. There are no gaping holes in the roof, no bullet holes in the siding, and I have no fear of someone bursting in the door with ill intent.


Why me? Why do I get to raise my kids in a safe place?


Why do we get the privilege of focusing on our children and careers?


How is it that we have the freedom to choose our government when so many others in this world do not?


Why are my children free to explore the world around them through education when so many other children must fight for survival all day?


Why is our family able to openly worship at church, or anywhere else we chose, when so many others have to risk their lives to profess the faith of their choice?


I attribute all these things to you and the price you were willing to pay for us. You went through hell on earth so that we can truly live. On a daily basis, we continue to enjoy the rewards of your sacrifice.


I can’t thank you enough.


For all those times that you fear society has forgotten, please know that many of us are thankful every day, but just can’t find words worthy enough to express ourselves.




Canadian Mom




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Posted by: Anna Wozniak
Posted on: 11/6/2014 at 6:27 AM
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