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How comfortable are you with allowing the government to raise your child?  Because they keep giving the message that parents are not to be trusted with the job.


Back in January 2010, Ontario’s liberal government tried to quietly post some major changes to their website. The changes posted were in regards to the sexual education of our elementary age children and their desire to modify curriculum to better reflect liberal morals. The government believed that instructing our young kids about sexual perversion was the only way to address the issue of today’s changing sexual landscape.


Thankfully, one of Ontario’s Christian leaders caught the proposed changes and made them known. Soon, some Muslim leaders got on board with the opposition of such a proposal and many other non-religious minds began to speak up about their disgust with the proposed changes too. The liberals were a minority government and so it did not take too many months for Dalton McGuinty to abruptly shelve the whole thing one day.


But guess what? They’re back. And they are a majority now. They now believe these changes are overdue and declare they are "committed" to having these changes in place for the 2015 school year.


Here is a snapshot of what will be included in this new mandatory teaching agenda:


-Grade 3- Homosexuality and same sex marriage discussions


-Grade 6- Expanded discussions of puberty, including masturbation


-Grade 7- Discussion on prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, which will include oral and anal sex.


Does anyone remember the links on the Toronto District School Board Website that were encouraging our kids to try different forms of sex and encouraging them to experiment with vegetables? I know. I tried to forget about that too.


Folks, we have a trend taking place in regards to government involvement through education in our kids' lives and we need to be very careful. They are increasing their influence and beginning to take full advantage of it. A little while back, the Ontario government decided to begin measures that will push our teenagers through high school in four years instead of the traditional 5 years that Ontario was familiar with. Many teens are now leaving the home one year sooner than their parents did. A few years ago, the Ontario government introduced all-day Kindergarten in response to a rash election promise made about extending daycare provisions. We now have many 3 year olds leaving home to spend more time with their teachers than time with their parents. This is the new norm.


What are they doing with our kids with all this new time together? Well, now the Ontario government wants to take matters of morality and sexual liberal mindedness and make sure our kids are introduced to it at a younger age. This is what they will force our teachers to add to their agendas.


It is true that our kids are being introduced to all these things at a younger age. I am completely aware that the average age for children being introduced to pornographic images is now 8 years old. (It used to be 11.) And I am aware that we live in a sexually charged culture where different forms of media will entertain our kids with these things any time a parent is willing to turn a blind eye.


But is this the answer? Why not start educating the parents with awareness seminars or media campaigns? If they really want to add something to the sex ed agenda, why not warn children about the dangers and proven addictiveness of pornography? Let's teach them how to steer clear and react fast when they trip upon it. Help them find a way to talk through those encounters the same way they would if they were introduced to drugs by someone. 


I realize that the world our kids live in is constantly changing. We can’t afford to keep our heads in the sand as parents. So let’s start there. Let’s raise awareness of what risks are taking place when a little girl is forced to live with too many of mom’s boyfriends over the years. Let’s have that uncomfortable talk about what can take place at sleepovers or other high risk situations. Do we really know every member of that household? What opportunities are we allowing for other people with our children? I believe there are many more discussions that need to be had with kids, for their own safety. I also believe much more awareness is needed for tired and distracted parents –neither of which have to result in fear based living.


Blowing our kids young minds open to sexual concepts that most are not ready for, is not the answer. It may help generate discussion for the sexually damaged kids in the room but for the majority it will only result in new damage and confusion.


Some parents need more education on how to have sexual discussions with their children. So why not tackle that, if that is the concern? This is the advice I was given advice when my first born was a toddler: If a child brings up a question in regards to sexual curiosities, answer it. If it leads to more questions, answer them too- very calmly, very matter-of-factly. When the questions stop or they change subjects, go with it. It has proven to be good advice in our home. Each child is so different that some are ready for sex facts at 3 years old and others couldn’t care less until they are much older. Our job as parents is to keep an eye on the less curious ones and feel out when it is time to bring up the discussion for them. The last thing we would want is to have them ill-educated on the playground, or to think that we are not open to that discussion.


But somehow I don’t think informing kids about reproduction and STD facts is really the agenda the liberals have in mind. It seems to me that our provincial government is determined to make sure our kids have a liberal mindset in this department and they are afraid that parents won’t do the job.


Apparently, they are very concerned about the “well-being” of our child in this area. Despite the fact that obesity is costing us Canadians upwards of 7 million dollars a year (Globe and Mail), and most households are almost clueless about how to grow or prepare natural foods, and how to pack sugar or dye free lunches, the Ontario government wants to spend its money and energy pushing an open mindedness to different sexual activities.


Despite the fact that the average Canadian student is finishing school with $27, 000 in student debt (CBC) and the average Canadian now carries $28, 853 in non-mortgage debt (CTV news), our Ontario government has decided to prioritize the sexual curiosity of our kids in the classroom, rather than money management.


Despite the fact that we have an epidemic of students graduating from high school who barely know how to boil their own pasta or sort their own laundry, the government has retreated from teaching home economics in school because… they feel it should be taught in the home. And yet when it comes to masturbation, our Ontario government feels the need to offer advice.


If there was ever a time to let your voice be heard in regards to our education system, let it be now. Contact your MP, write a letter, speak with your school or add your name to these petitions so you will at least reserve the right to withdraw your child from these proposed discussions:






If you are uncomfortable with the privacy settings in online petitions, just print the petition letter, sign the bottom and sent it via snail mail. Any opinion mail received from the government carries much weight because they know most people can’t be bothered. Therefore, they assume each opinion to represent about fifty.


Please don’t think that homeschooling or private education gives you the right to remain silent. Please consider what happens when a government is convinced they know better than parents. –Rights are lost and we become like many other countries (even democracies) where it is illegal to do anything but attend the school the government has assembled.


Rise up parents. We can do this! Our kids are worth the effort to click on a petition. Our grandkids are worth a voice being raised.


Do it now, and above all, pray. This government is counting on your lethargy.




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Posted by: Anna Wozniak
Posted on: 11/3/2014 at 6:21 PM
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Categories: Raising Children
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Jacob Unger Canada

Thursday, December 11, 2014 5:44 AM

Jacob Unger

I'm not a parent, but I grew up in Canadian schools. I certainly don't believe this is ok. Sex ed should be for the parents and parents alone to teach children. At 37years old I already thought children knew to much when I was a child growing up. I was 12 then, now I things like oral sex and homosexuality is being taught to children as young as 8. That's CRAZY THAT'S INSANE.

Sara Redekop Canada

Thursday, December 11, 2014 6:40 PM

Sara Redekop

I beleive it's up to the parents to decide when it's  the right time to tell there chridren!

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