Is your marriage in crisis? Perhaps you and your spouse are "stable" yet carefully avoiding the pain of so many yesterdays. When marriage doesn't feel "worth it", it's hard to imagine truly experiencing joy and peace again.

Marriage Restored is full of practical wisdom exploring a wide range of marriage topics-especially those often avoided. The author blends insights and advice with timeless truths from the heart of God, played out in gripping modern testimonies. You'll cry. You'll laugh. And in your heart you will feel the warm awakening of something you have desperately yearned for... hope.

Dare to believe that God can do so much more than renovate your marriage. He can restore both of you to who He originally intended you to be! Discover as so many others have that the journey is worth it and our God does not disappoint.

"I'll turn Heartbreak Valley into Acres of Hope." (Hosea 2:15, MSG)

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